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Oscar Looks for a Pen Pal

Hi There!

My name is Oscar B. Have. I am 6-and-a-half years old and I live in “The Hive” with my Mum, Dad and new baby sister.

I love kicking the footy down at the park with my Dad, but during the day when he’s at work, I help Mum with stuff around the house and when my sister naps, Mum let’s me set up my Meccano and Lego’s and sometimes we even build a fort out of sheets over the couch and have a dinosaur fight!

Mum prefers it if I pack up my toys when my sister wakes up. If I pack everything up neatly then Mum lets me watch some TV (TMNT is my fave) and sometimes, if I’m really lucky Mum will let me play on Dad’s playstation.

There aren’t many other kids around my age in The Hive (and I really, really, REALLY wanted to get my own Instagram but Mum said NO) but she said maybe instead I could try to look for a pen pal during this school holidays…

I think a pen pal could be kinda cool. If you write to me, I promise I’ll write back!

You can email me Oscar.B.Have@hotmail.com or if you want to hand-write a letter to me, ask Mum or Dad to take a photo and email it to me and I’ll write back to you.

It can get a bit boring over here in The Hive, so I’d really like to hear about what fun plans you have for the holidays 😊

Hope to hear from you soon!

Oscar B. Have 


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