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Fun For Kids

Oh Beehave Rules

The Rules

When you visit our hive, please make sure you follow the rules set out below

  1. Bee appropriate when making comments or interacting with other Bee’s (our Queen Bee will not tolerate insulting or offensive comments, malicious gossip or any other comments she deems inappropriate)
  2. Do not buzz around the site flaming or trolling (i.e. don’t deliberately buzz in another Bee’s ear making deliberate contentious or argumentative statements)
  3. If you get the urge to buzz about your own blog, website, product, service or similar please buzz in our Queen Bee’s ear and check she’s OK with this before posting your content (she will probably be OK with it, but would prefer you check with her first!)
  4. Do not be a sneaky little Bee, taking content from our hive and re-producing it elsewhere without asking. If you would like to re-publish our content, please Buzz in our ear first.
  5. While our Queen Bee takes great care to ensure comments on the site made by other Bee’s are moderated, at times she may be swamped by the swarm and may not monitor every single buzz from every single Bee (meaning, she cannot guarantee that every single comment on the site will be checked and reviewed before being published)
  6. The Queen Bee reserves the right to buzz you off the site if she catches you buzzing inappropriately!
  7. If you see another Bee buzzing around inappropriately, please let our Queen Bee know by emailing info@ohbeehave.com.au

These rules are a guide, and may be updated from time to time. We encourage you to check back regularly for updates to these rules.

We also encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy — They apply to all bees, whether or not you read them!