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As a parent, you want to give your child all the support you can to manage and recover from challenging thoughts, experiences and emotions. You do this through co-regulation. Supporting and comforting your child in their times of distress. But it is impossible to be with your child every moment of every day, and to support them through every single challenging thought, experience or emotion they have. The Ultimate Calm Bundle gives your child the skills they need to build their resilience with the skills they need to navigate those challenging moments.

The Ultimate Calm Bundle helps you teach your child the skills they need to recover from their most challenging emotions. 

The Calming Cards, Calm Stickers and Calm Colouring Sheets included in this bundle help you introduce your child to 10 different calming techniques. These unique resources help you and your child identify which calming techniques suit them best so they can practice the technique that works for them.

With practice, the technique suited to your child becomes so ingrained in their brain that they no longer need the resources to prompt them. The Ultimate Calm Bundle helps your child develop their resilience to a point where their preferred calming technique becomes part of their natural response mechanism to overwhelming thoughts, experiences and emotions.

Give your kids the skills they need to recover from their most challenging emotions.

How to Use The Ultimate Calm Bundle

1. Start with Calm Colouring

Practice a calming technique with your child while they colour in their colouring sheet.

2. Practice Before Bed

Use the Calming Cards to practice calming techniques at night before bed.

3. Start Every Day Calm

Help your child choose a Calm Sticker for their shirt or hand each morning. Practice the technique on their sticker and pop it on their hand or shirt to take with them as a reminder to practice their calming techniques throughout the day!

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A bit about me... Hi! I'm Dominique. I have a background in Psychology and Education, but most importantly I'm Mum to a very energetic 3 year old. I love to help parents and educators teach children calming techniques and I can't wait to help you too 🙂
Dominique Groenveld
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