Calm Posters


Calm Posters are designed to give a visual cue to promote the use of calming techniques.

Choose from 10 different designs, with each poster featuring the selected calming technique of your choice.

Calming techniques include Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Grounding, Visualisation, Yoga and Mindfulness.

Calm Posters are suited to display in a variety of contexts, including:

      • A Calming Corner (or calming space) in your home
      • In the Office
      • In Waiting Rooms
      • Bedrooms
      • Nursery’s
      • Classrooms
      • Day Care Centre’s


Backorders are typically filled within 2-3 weeks of ordering.

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Size Guide:

A0 841mm X 1189mm
A1 594mm X 841mm
A2 420mm X 594mm
A3 297mm X 420mm
A4 210mm X 297mm

All posters are printed on 200gsm with Double Sided Laminate.

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A4, A3, A2, A1, A0


Deep Breath, Happy Memory, Floating Cloud, Squeezing Fists, Snuggle Up, Make a Wish, Favourite Place, Name 3 Things, Yoga Pose, 3 Kind Things


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