Calm Stickers 12 Pack SECONDS


From time to time we receive stickers, cards or packaging that have minor errors (such as printing errors on cards or stickers or sewing errors on our calm card bags) and rather than throw them away we have decided to make them available as “Seconds” at half the standard price.

Please note that we do not offer returns or refunds on seconds and by purchasing “Seconds” you accept that the product you receive will be of lower-than-standard quality.

Stock availability of seconds is limited (as we rarely receive stickers, bags or cards with errors) and no back-orders are available (as we hope not to receive product with errors or minor imperfections in the future!)

Combination of stickers included in pack may vary.

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Calm Stickers are designed to help you and your little one take their calm with them all day long!

Simply choose your calming technique, practice it, stick it to your shirt or hand as a handy reminder to practice your calming techniques when you need them during the day.

Pack of 12 stickers.


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