Why Your Child Needs

to have Tantrums

Why Your Child Needs to Have Tantrums

Did you know that tantrums are actually an important part of helping your child learn how to process and recover from emotions?

That’s why tantrums are an important part of development AND why it’s so important that you, as a parent or caregiver, help teach and guide your child through the techniques they need to recover from challenging and overwhelming emotions.

So, how do you do this?

The first step is to always validate your childs emotions and offer comfort through connection.

For example:

“It looks like you’re feeling [sad / angry / frustrated / insert appropriate emotion]. Do you need a cuddle?”

Once your child is calm, discuss and reflect, for example:

“Can you tell me what happened?”

Discuss what (if anything) needs to be done differently (and practice), for example:

“What could you do differently next time? Maybe instead of [hitting / throwing / pinching / insert relevant behaviour], you could practice your deep breathing. Let’s practice together.”

Take the time to practice calming techniques together!

Remember that tantrums will happen. They will happen over and over again because your child needs to practice experiencing emotions and recovering from them over and over again.

Over time, your child can learn calming techniques and skills for recovery, but it takes time.

Most importantly though, your child needs to practice calming techniques when they are calm. The more you and your child practices calming techniques when they are calm, the more they will develop the skills they need to recover when they are feeling most challenged by their emotions.

The best time to practice calming techniques is at the start of the day. Help your child start their day calm and with their calming techniques at the front of their mind.

Do your kids love colouring-in? Before you go, make sure you scroll down to check out the FREE Deep-Breathing Colour-In Sheet below to help you introduce calming techniques to your child.

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